CommBytes 8/31/07

Gaboogie conference calling is reinventing itself as Lypp. The new service, which features a completely re-architected platform, will debut later in September in an invite-only beta. All existing Gaboogie members will be invited to join and use the Lypp service for free. 

The company says that the changes “will ensure reliable, high quality calls and eliminate the dependencies on partners whose service has caused us and our users to experience some growing pains,” according to Gaboogie’s August 30 email. Founders Dan Gibbons and Erik Lagerway promise Voxilla readers a look “under the kimono” soon. 

Joost has opened up a new API that will let developers build widgets that can be installed in Joost’s peer-to-peer TV client, 

Samsung is promoting its new VoIP-capable monitors for videoconferencing. Electronista has the highlights

Broadband in remote locations got a boost yesterday from Solis Energy with its solar-powered technology for WiFI routers. The UK’s Techworld has the story.

Wireless aftermarket equipment company Certicell is giving teen whiz kid George Hotz, who unlocked the Apple iPhone, a new Nissan 350Z and a consulting contract. Here.