Voice Gets Embedded

Since the dawn of VoIP, evangelists have been telling us that it’s not the cheap phone calls that make VoIP so compelling, it’s the opportunity to do so much more with voice communications. 

But let’s face it, beyond sending voicemail to email, VoIP still doesn’t do much more than make phone calls. Voice communications are still pretty standalone for the vast majority of us. However, developers are starting to take note of voice as an IT “service.” 

This year’s AjaxWorld West is spotlighting embedded voice in applications, Web services and Wikis. The conference also features a track on Ajax development for the Apple iPhone. 

The FCC intends to reform the Universal_Service_Fund with increasing oversight and other measures to fight fraud and waste, according to Broadcasting&Cable.

Buz Interactive launched a new service to send voicemail without a phone call. The service is free for 30 days, $0.15 a message after that. 

VoIP News has a Q&A on VoIP hacking. Biggest threat currently: Denial of Service attacks. Not yet a problem: SPIT. 

Today WebEx rolled out its PCNow remote access service for the Apple iPhone and is offering a 30-day free trial. The serviceconnects desktop PC files, and Microsoft Outlook corporate email, contacts and appointments to wireless devices. 

Working Assets Wireless now lets you reduce the carbon footprint of your phone with a solar charger

Packet8 Freedom Unlimited $24.99/month plan now lets customers call overseas for free to eight countries including the U.K., France, Italy and Spain.

Avaya is now offering a pink faceplate for its one-X IP deskphones. Five dollars of the purchase price goes to cancer research. 

Rumor Mill: Does acquisition-happy Google domain registrar GoDaddy in its sights? So some think. Others are buzzing about a Linux-based Google mobile phone as soon as next week.