Packet8 Takes a Lead

Packet8 has inked a deal to be the preferred replacement for SunRocket subscribers left high and dry when SunRocket abruptly shuttered its business operations this week.

The deal was signed, according to the press release, with “with an organization managing the wind down of SunRocket, Inc” — presumably Sherwood Partners LLC, the company named in other news stories about the defunct VoIP provider. SunRocket subscribers can port their numbners to Packet8’s $24.99/month unlimited calling with a free month of service and no start-up or equipment costs.

In a change from the disgraceful way the company has handled its end-of-life so far, SunRocket will be calling and emailing subscribers about Packet8’s offer.


  1. richeeee says:

    Why is there no mention of TeleBlend? They are offering to pick up SunRocket customers for $12.95 per month with no additional charges to transfer the account to them. Are they a reliable replacement regarding tech assistance and customer service? THey said at their phone center that they were assuming all functions of SunRocket. Any info?