4-Lines for Everyone

Linksys announced the end of the SPA941/SPA942 four line upgrade license. Starting with firmware version 5.1.10 for the SPA942 and firmware version 5.1.8 for the SPA941, the SPA94X series phones will automatically enable the ability to configure up to four unique extensions per phone. … [Read more...]

“Holding” gets easier, Polycom ecosystem, and yet another brand for Microsoft IPTV

In life it's often the small stuff that makes the biggest difference. Virtual Hold Technology has taken on a gripe we all have — waiting on hold. While the company's eponymous system can't eliminate the wait, it makes it easier by holding your place in line while you hang up and get on with your life. When you're at the head of the list, the system calls you up. The company sells the technology to contact centers, promoting its ability to increase customer satisfaction and reducing … [Read more...]

Digium Advances

Digium advanced its make-it-easy-for-the-customer strategy with a SMB VoIP provider Bandwidth.com partnership announced today. Bottom line is that Bandwidth.com will be rolled into in the AsteriskGUI graphical user interface as a service provider option, making implementation even more turnkey. The two also plan to cooperate in developing new services. … [Read more...]

More stuff on your mobile phone and technology as a marketing strategy for higher ed

AGIS' new mobile Location Based Services (LBS) software lets cell phone, PDA and PC users locate and track each other, talk, and exchange text and photos. The service works across cell phone carriers and can channel information to specific users. Sign up for a free 90 day trial here. What do you bet that folks suspicious of straying spouses will be among the first adopters? Now, if I could get one for my wandering cat... Another entry in the How Not to Write a Press Release department: … [Read more...]