“Holding” gets easier, Polycom ecosystem, and yet another brand for Microsoft IPTV

In life it’s often the small stuff that makes the biggest difference. Virtual Hold Technology has taken on a gripe we all have — waiting on hold. While the company’s eponymous system can’t eliminate the wait, it makes it easier by holding your place in line while you hang up and get on with your life. When you’re at the head of the list, the system calls you up. The company sells the technology to contact centers, promoting its ability to increase customer satisfaction and reducing costs.

Working on the theory that all of us together are smarter than each of us alone, yesterday Polycom announced the Polycom ARENA “ecosystem,” a collaboration platform that will let partners develop, test and certify interoperability between their solutions and the Polycom voice, video and content collaborative solutions.

AT&T is getting into the mobile video game with AT&T Video Share, which lets users to share live video concurrently with voice calls. The service sounds like a true Age of IP service. But the billing is strictly Ma Bell. AT&T is offering Video Share for $4.99 per month for 25 minutes of usage, or $9.99 for 60 minutes. Not so bad, you say. Well every minute after that is 35 cents.

Unlike baseball, in IPTV the three strikes rule doesn’t hold apparently, with Microsoft debuting its fourth — or is it sixth? — IPTV brand, Mediaroom. Scott Fulton of BetaNews offers an analysis.

Be afraid, be very afraid is the message of Sipera VIPER Lab’s threat advisory for SIP-based soft phones from AOL(R), Avaya, MSN(R) and Nortel(TM), and Avaya SIP-based hard phones.

Sun Microsystems and Mitel are getting cozy with an agreement to integrate Mitel’s call management software into Sun servers. One objective is to make it easier to converge voice and data applications.