Gartner scopes out security, satellite TV players become ISPs

The biggest threat to IT security isn’t the hacker on the outside. It’s the employees on the inside that are, in increasing numbers, bringing consumer technologies like Skype, social networking, IM and “unsecured” mobile devices to work with them. So says a new Gartner report. The press release includes details on how to protect the corporate network. A while back, I looked at the use of Skype in business and some of the issues the Gartner study raises.

Satellite TV providers DirecTV and Echostar are getting into the IP communications game with distribution deals with WiMax provider Clearwire. The goal is to be more competitive with cable companies. It will be interesting to see how it rolls out because right now Clearwire’s coverage area is pretty limited and doesn’t include and major U.S. metro areas.

No one’s talking about how VoIP saves money any more. Instead the buzz is around how VoIP can change the way you do business. has a case study on VoIP as the cornerstone for the virtual office and remote employees.