Connecting mobile phones to the PBX, IBM and Nortel pair up for VoIP, and Babar?

Santa Monica-based WiFiMobile today debuted its Enterprise Solution, which marries selected Nokia phones with any SIP-compliant PBX. The software lets you use a mobile phones as a PBX extension and access the company’s WLAN for both data and telephony. More in the press release. Right now the software can be downloaded for free.

OceanLake Commerce’s memo mobile email service is now available in the US to Alltel, AT&T (Formerly Cingular), Sprint/Nextel, and Verizon Wireless customers. The service works on any Internet-enabled mobile phone and costs $6.99/month (plus your data service).

More than $1 billion will be spent on residential video phone services this year, according to a new report from Boonton, NJ-based Insight Research.

IBM and Nortel have paired up to deliver a VoIP package for the System i platform that targets 3Com’s System i combo. The new offering is aimed at 150-500 users.

Presence: Killer app for VoIP or the app that kills us? Network World’s Denise Donohue weighs in.

Had-to-look-twice department: Having read bedtime stories to small children in recent history, this headline from the Bagladeshi newspaper, The Weekly Blitz, caught my eye: Babar discloses Voip mystery. One wonders, is the beloved elephant Skyping his Parisian tailor to order a new green suit? Actually, the story is about unlicensed VoIP services run by corrupt officials that siphoned off revenues from the impoverished country’s government-run telecom services.