CommBytes 6/7/07

Snom, a German IP phone manufacturer and one of the first to embrace Asterisk, now is working with Windows-based PBX Brekeke. Snom’s phones are interoperable with the recently introduced Brekeke PBX v2.x.

Linksys has revamped it channel strategy, making it more like Cisco’s. The focus is small business and includes new products and vertically specialized partners.

Hype about all the swell stuff we can now do with our smartphones never talks about housekeeping — powering all these energy-hogging applications. Israeli company emoze is claiming big breakthroughs in energy consumption by its mobile push email application.

Network World offers this Q&A for inquiring minds about Avaya’s merger with Silver Lake Partners and Texas Pacific Capital.

If you need another reason to curb your Apple iPhone enthusiasm, check out this report that for the device to operate properly, an Apple server has to be inside the operator’s network. If you don’t want to climb into what’s looking more and more like a walled garden, you might better wait for Sun’s look-alike Java phone announced last month at JaveOne.