New 911 rules on the way, another way to make VoIP calls on cell phone

The FCC is forging ahead with new 911 rules including technology-neutral location ID requirements and automatic location identification for VoIP services that can be used at multiple locations.

TCMnet’s Mae Kowalke connects the dots between Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Microsoft’s software-centric unified communications model. (You’ve been holding your breath for this, I know).

And while we’re getting geeky here, motherboard manufacturer MSI is building in a phone adapter for Skype and PSTN calls.

Yet another way to make long distance VoIP calls using your cell phone: VONaLink’s $29 DialBridge software.

We all know that dealing with email takes an increasing bite out of our days — about two hours to be exact, adding up to 10 years of our working lives. That’s the conclusion of a UK study commissioned of by headset manufacturer Plantronics. Unsurprisingly Plantronics found that phone calls were a better way to handle things.