iPhone…Back to Reality

Given the Apple iPhone build-up, I was surprised to wake up this morning and find the world pretty much the same as it was yesterday, before Steve Jobs and his iPhone opened to us the promised land of infinite coolness. Even my 16 year-old, a graduate student in the school of cool, found the advent of the iPhone a "whatever." Perhaps it's his experience with two iPods that died promptly after the warranty ran out that gives him a healthy distrust of Apple's newest toy. Now he plays music on … [Read more...]

iPhone features for Blackberry and Windows Mobile, T-mobile dual-mode service…

As might be expected, even before the Apple iPhone hits retailer shelves, its sexy features are showing up on other handsets. Like visual voicemail. German company SimulScribe just announced a "downloadable visual voicemail application" — SimulSays Beta — for the BlackBerry 8800 series, BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry Curve and Windows Mobile. The service normally starts at $10 a month, but the beta is free. However, in its rush to get the news out, SimulScribe appears to have forgotten to put … [Read more...]

CommuniGate Gets it Together

I hardly ever use instant messaging. The reason isn't a laudable desire to avoid distractions. It's because I simply forget to open that IM "silo." We're so used to working with applications that operate like silos — email, document editing, instant messaging, media players — that we don't notice it until someone brings it to our attention. What's more, for those of us who have difficulty staying focused in the best of cases, the between-applications shuffle provides endless … [Read more...]

Skype inside, roaming free, ShoreTel ecosystem, fixed-mobile convergence at home…

Looking to emulate the highly successful Asterisk ecosystem business model, IP-PBX pioneer ShoreTel has launched a partner program to extend the choice of integrated solutions available to customers. Skype Inside: First, an agreement between Toshiba and Skype will build Skype into Toshiba notebooks. Second, German mobile software company Shape Services has launched beta versions of IM+ for Skype software for Java phones, Symbian S60 and Palm OS. Home networking pioneer Netgear announced a … [Read more...]