Open source networking and VoIP, EQO VoIP long distance

By year end open source fans will have a unified platform for networking and VoIP thanks to a partnership between Digium and Vyatta to integrate Asterisk with Vyatta’s Open Source Router.

EQO has added long distance mobile VoIP and messaging at local rates to its mobile social networking service.

European WiFi hotspot provider Trustive reports that hotspot users are paying for way more than they get. No surprise there. Trustive also predicts that VoIP will be the killer app for hotspots.

Apple has found a way to marginalize the iPhone even before it hits the market by giving AT&T an exclusive five-year distribution deal. Leslie Cauley of USA Today sees this as an aggressive move that will put competitors on the defensive. The VoIP community might think differently. We just may be used to having it our way — not The Phone Company’s way.