Palm Foleo Does More by Doing Less

My first thought when I read Palm's press release today about its new Foleo Mobile Companion was: Damn, for less than what I've spent in the past year to keep my five year-old iBook running, I could have had a Foleo. My regret isn't because the Foleo does more. On the contrary. It's because it does less. Like V-8, Foleo delivers your daily requirements — email, Web browsing, contacts, and document editing — on a 2.5 pound device (half the heft of the previously-noted iBook) with a … [Read more...]

Your Smartphone just got smarter and lots of you are going to be watching IPTV soon

Your smartphone just got smarter. Toronto-based Voice On the Go just announced its hands-free service that lets you: Listen to email, both a summary and details Compose, reply and delete emails Review your calendar and make appointments Search contacts and place calls Dial a phone number Voice on the Go works with any phone or BlackBerry smartphone on any network and no download. It's available in the US and Canada and some European cities. The company also offers an enterprise … [Read more...]

Daily CommBytes 5/25/07

Less than an inch thick and weighing in at a hair over two pounds, the Intel Mobile Metro is designed for communications with built-in WiFi, WiMax, EV-DO and noise canceling microphones for VoIP. The bad news: It's not going to be available for quite a while. Gearlog has the details. What's WRIX? No it's not a radio station. It stands for Wireless Roaming Intermediary Exchange, which is a new standard developed by the Wireless Broadband Alliance to simplify roaming between WiFi networks. … [Read more...]

Skype Goes to Wal-Mart

What do Wal-mart and Bluto have in common? They’re both best noted for being, well —big. So Skype is trying to reach the people in the marketplace bigtime. The Wal-Mart marketplace, namely, in more than 1,800 of the ubiquitous big box stores in all its forms: Wal-Mart Stores, Supercenters, Neighborhood Markets, and Sam’s Clubs. Ten years ago VoIP was the domain of hobbyists and uber-geeks. What they were doing involved a headset and what most people — think Wal-mart shoppers … [Read more...]