Vonage Lets Customers Have it Their Way

Vonage got some good news this week, winning a permanent stay on the injunction that might well have put the consumer VoIP pioneer out of business.

The company is apparently celebrating by giving customers a handy new feature: Vonage Text, which transcribes voicemails to text so you can read them right from your e-mail.

It may seem small, but it’s an extremely powerful feature.

For example, how often have you strained to listen to a message in a noisy place like an airport? Now you can easily see what the message is. Plus, it’s much less obtrusive if you’re in a restaurant or at a party.

Or consider the situation where you have several messages waiting. This lets you quickly scan messages and see what you need to do something about right away and what can wait.

Think about how often a voicemail is an answer to a request for information. This is a simple way to file that directly where you’ll be able to find it when you need it. And it saves paper, too.

Most important perhaps is the way this continues to chip away the barriers to truly converged personal communications. Some people like to hear email. Others like to read voicemail. It’s one more step to having it your way, instead of the service provider’s way. And that’s just good news for customers.


  1. FreeToCompete says:

    Yesterday, Vonage won its first, of probably many court battles against Verizon. Check out how Vonage is defending itself, creating public awareness and letting consumers voice their opinions at FreeToCompete.com.

  2. satch223 says:

    Definitely a unique feature, and quite powerful. But be wary. Technology for this kind of feature is far from perfected.

    If I’m correct, there are human translators; so the accuracy can’t be more than 60-70 percent, especially if they are doing their best to get it to you in realtime.

    I bet you’ll get a lot of garbled messages and names misspelled quite drastically. You’ll probably end up calling your voice mail anyway.

    Don’t see this as a savior for Vonage’s troubles.

  3. dnbrault says:

    I just discovered that Vonage is using simulscribe.com for their voicemail to text. Check out this link:


    at the bottom, in fine print is:

    “Vonage Text is brought to you by Vonage and Powered by SimulScribe ™.”