So Simple a Writer Can Do It

Voxilla's publisher Marcelo has been bugging me for a while about video production. We should be 'content producers,' he says, not writers. I'm game. God knows, it probably increases my employability to be a 'content producer ' instead of a 'writer.' The Gutenberg age is, like, so over -- right? Of course, given that my immediate job is keeping the Schuk family enterprise fiscally afloat, it's hard to find time to play around with video production. And having been around more than 20 years of … [Read more...]

Vonage Lets Customers Have it Their Way

Vonage got some good news this week, winning a permanent stay on the injunction that might well have put the consumer VoIP pioneer out of business. The company is apparently celebrating by giving customers a handy new feature: Vonage Text, which transcribes voicemails to text so you can read them right from your e-mail. It may seem small, but it's an extremely powerful feature. For example, how often have you strained to listen to a message in a noisy place like an airport? Now you can … [Read more...]

Verizon Patents – Next Round

As predicted, "prior art" has been found for the patents that Verizon claims that Vonage has infringed on. Fierce VoIP's Dan Rosenbaum noted it this morning. It's a USENET post from 1995 describing the connection of calls between the Internet and the PSTN. The author, Jack Decker, says in his introduction, I want to go on record as proposing this now so that when someone gets the bright idea in a few months or years, I can point to this as 'prior art.'" Let the fun begin. … [Read more...]

Hijacking Your Ringtone

Annoyed by those Ride of the Valkyries ringtones? Well get ready to be even more annoyed. Emotive Communications of Los Angeles has contrived a new level of ringtone obnoxiousness with its "Push Ringer." Emotive's downloadable client lets callers send ringtones — which the company has dubbed "flingtones"— with a phone call. The flingtone, which can be video, animations, avatars or flash files as well as audio, overrides the ringtone on the recipient's phone. You can also record … [Read more...]