Verizon KOs Vonage

It looks like Chicken Little was right. The sky is falling and Foxy Woxy Verizon is going to snap off Vonage’s head with a permanent injunction that bids fair to shut down the VoIP provider. Now I’m certainly no expert on intellectual property law so I’ll leave comment about the legal ins and outs to the lawyers. But as a citizen, I think there’s something here that gets to the heart of the whole notion of intellectual property. Nobody disputes your right to the opportunity to make … [Read more...]

Video VoIP

There are lots of services out there these days that let you make VoIP calls on your cell phone. But how about video IP calls? That’s what Latvian startup Tivi is showing at VON. Founded by three high school buddies, Tivi’s SIP software client turns smart phones running Symbian and Windows Mobile into VoIP and IP video phones. The video client lets users make video calls from a mobile phone to a PC. Tivi also offers a free softphone client that can be downloaded from the company's … [Read more...]

Hearing is Believing

VON was an opportunity for Polycom to show off the newest members of its IP phone family, with new entry level phones and a new high end HD phone. The Soundpoint IP 330 and IP 320 deliver two new entry-level IP desk phone choices. Both offer integrated power over Ethernet (PoE) that eliminate the AC power adapter. The 330 offers two Ethernet ports while the 320 provides only one, providing a simpler device for uses like lobby phones where the phone doesn’t have connect to a PC. The 320 and … [Read more...]

New From Linksys

Since last year’s VON, Linksys has graduated from a section of Cisco’s booth to its own booth. Several new devices made their debut this week. First out of the box is the color screen, 6-line SPA962 phone. Keeping with Linksys’ aim to build useful applications into the phone, the SPA962 comes with an RSS feed that offers several topical feeds for news as well as traffic and weather. It’s easy to see how WebEx could fit into this picture, for example, by integrating business … [Read more...]