GrandCentral’s Video Game

Fresh from a once-in-a-lifetime media coup involving the New York Times, tech pundit David Pogue’s overly clever little script and a video camera (worth a small chuckle here), Craig Walker and Vincent Paquet of GrandCentral hit on an idea . . . asking subscribers to their service to put together their own video shorts on “how you use your GrandCentral account or one of its features.”

In an email to users, Walker and Paquet list eight video categories, each corresponding to GrandCentral feature:

  • One Number that rings multiple phones
  • Customized greetings
  • RingShares
  • ListenIn
  • Call Switch
  • Call Record
  • SPAM & Blocking
  • WebCall button

If your video makes it online, you win $100 (wowza). If it’s chosen as the pick of the litter, you get to pick between a Wii, an iPod or $250 cash (wowza, wowza wowza).

If this works and GrandCentral gets useful content for what amounts to pocket change, it’s yet another coup for Walker and Paquet. At such small winnings, we doubt it will work . . . but will report back regardless.