Hearing is Believing

VON was an opportunity for Polycom to show off the newest members of its IP phone family, with new entry level phones and a new high end HD phone.

The Soundpoint IP 330 and IP 320 deliver two new entry-level IP desk phone choices. Both offer integrated power over Ethernet (PoE) that eliminate the AC power adapter. The 330 offers two Ethernet ports while the 320 provides only one, providing a simpler device for uses like lobby phones where the phone doesn’t have connect to a PC. The 320 and 330 retail for $139 and $179 respectively.

The crown jewel in the Polycom VoIP crown is the company’s HD voice, which debuted last fall and which the company is starting to deploy throughout its products. The newest HD phone is the Soundpoint 550 SIP phone, which is a four-line version of the 560 introduced last fall.

In addition to a wideband codec, used in other HD phones, Polycom adds two additional technical improvements that the company claims further enhance the sound quality: proprietary acoustic clarity technology, and physical design changes to accentuate voice quality.

In the VON booth, Polycom has demo “phone booth” to let you hear the difference in sound fidelity. The test plays four famous movie lines. Suffice to say that Arnold the Terminator saying “I’ll be back” was clear as day on the 550 but sounded like an impersonator on the non-HD phone. The 550 retails for $379.