Syncing Up on the Mac

I’m a Mac user and a Palm Treo user. I love both of these devices. But an ongoing frustration has been the inability of these devices to sync up properly together. I work around the problem simply by not using the calendar on my Mac.

So I was pretty excited today when I read about New York-based Transmedia’s
Glide Sync and Glide Mobile services for Mac.

The free service supports about 30 cell phones — including my Treo 650. It automatically synchs photos, music, videos, documents, iCal calendars, Mac Address Book contacts, and Safari, Camino and Firefox bookmarks from your Mac via the Internet, according to today’s press release. You can sign up on your phone or your Mac.

Transmedia’s Glide OS2 — currently in beta — is a Web-based application environment that the company promises will replace the plethora of stand-alone applications running on our PCs today.