No Limits Mobile Video

I passed an unmistakable milestone on the road to irrelevance the other day. One of my son's friends's paused as he passed our three-foot shelf of record albums and asked, “What are those?” “Those are vinyl records,” I explained helpfully. “It’s how we listened to music when I was young.” “Oh!” the sixteen year-old said, as if he had just penetrated the secrets of the Jurassic Age. It underscored for me how the YouTube generation has a fundamentally … [Read more...]

Looking for New Tech in all the Wrong Places?

One of the things that caught my eye today was a line-up of sexy new devices debuting at 3GSM World Conference in Barcelona from Taiwan-based smartphone giant HTC. While I was musing over the 12 ounce HTC Advantage mobile office, the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6-equipped HTC S710, and the HTC P3350 media-hub and PDA, I did what many people looking for a hot new mobile device do. I checked to see if my cell phone carrier offered the devices. What’s wrong with this picture? As our phones … [Read more...]

HP Gets Smart

HP today announced its new smartphone, the HP iPAQ 500 Series Voice Messenger, that brings some real smarts to the world of smartphones. The GSM/WiFi voice and data device is designed for business users rather than teenagers. It runs Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 and is geared for hands-free operation with a speech interface called "Voice Commander." This lets the iPAQ replace the QWERTY keyboard with a familiar telephone keypad. One of its most unique features is a voice-reply-to-email … [Read more...]

FuturePhone is of the Past

Paul Kapustka does a great job in GigaOM of dissecting the apparent fall of "free" international VoIP service provider FuturePhone. It appears, Kapustka reports, that legal threats from AT&T against arbitrage players in the state of Iowa forced FuturePhone to shut down. AT&T's lawsuit, though by no means a slam-dunk, gives the company, Kapustka writes, "a legal reason to stall payments" in the millions for calls routed through FuturePhone's Iowa servers. And, without the cash owed by AT&T, … [Read more...]