Is Vonage on the Prowl?

Vonage stock is anchored at all time lows, about a third of the IPO price, and there’s no absence of speculation about the consumer VoIP pioneer’s future. Today, David Shabelman’s piece, “Clock Ticks for Internet Provider Vonage,” — thanks to reader Larry Lisser who alerted me to this — speculates that Vonage may be looking to grow by aquisition.

Some of the targets are consumer VoIP competitors like SunRocket and Packet8. Personally, I can’t imagine a worse marriage-made-in-hell than high flying, free spending Vonage mated with conservative, technology focused Packet8.

But Shabelman also offers up some more interesting possibilities. Vonage could be looking at acquisition targets that would let the company offer customers new, rich services. He names Iotum, Talkster, SightSpeed and Covad as possibilities.