Getting Smart About SPIT

Right up front I'm going to confess to a bias. I've been following security startup Bharosa for a couple of years. The three year-old company makes its home in my hometown, Santa Clara, CA. It used to have its office right next door to the community newspaper, The Santa Clara Weekly, where I do my non-technology writing. The guys at Bharosa are nice guys — the name means "trust" in Hindi. They spent a lot of time showing me how their software worked and explaining it in terms that make … [Read more...]

Voice Commoditization Marches On

In Sci Fi Tech today, Peter Pascal highlights a cute little robot called Spyke that patrols your house with a webcam when you're out. The surveillance video is transmitted through your wireless router. One of the features of this Transformer look-alike is that it also has — you guessed it — a Skype phone. Watch Spyke go. [youtube]t0xVwAouWqg[/youtube] … [Read more...]

Apple and Cisco Make Nice

Cisco and Apple have come to terms about the "iPhone" trademark. Under today's agreement, both companies can use the "iPhone" trademark. Each acknowledges the trademark ownership rights that have been granted and will dismiss any pending actions over it. Tonight's press release says that "Cisco and Apple will explore opportunities for interoperability in the areas of security, and consumer and enterprise communications." No other details were released. … [Read more...]

Voice a Commodity?

After writing about mywaves mobile video, I've been on the qui vive for more on the dissolution of the boundary between telephone and television. So I sat up on my virtual hind legs this morning when I saw a press release announcing the beta launch of Newport Beach, CA-based Wi-FiTV, a free-to-consumers service that delivers video to anything that connects to the Internet. I didn't sit up, mind you, because of the company's hyper-inflated prose. No. What makes Wi-Fi TV interesting from the … [Read more...]