Vapps Conferencing for Microsoft Live Messenger

Conferencing calling provider Vapps has hooked up with Microsoft to deliver free conference calling for users of Microsoft Live Messenger, the software giant's next version of its MSN Messenger instant messaging service. The conferencing plug-in will allow up to 500 simultaneous call participants and provide standard conferencing features like participant announcing and moderator tools. Hoboken, NJ-based Vapps' services are currently used by Skype, Yahoo! Messenger with Voice, and Project … [Read more...]

Wireless Becoming More Internet-Like, Says inCode

Every day I get at least one report about trends in telephony. Deleting these items has become so automatic that hitting ’del’ takes less time than the seconds it takes my brain to process that the information is actually something I’m interested in. Such was the case this morning with inCode Telecom Group’s Top 10 Global Wireless Predictions for 2007. Here’s what caught my attention and sent me searching back through the trash: These trends include widespread use of mobile social … [Read more...]

Dual Mode Phones Race Ahead

Mobile VoIP is a hit with consumers according to the “Mobile and WiFi Phones and Subscribers” report released today by the Campbell CA-based telecom analyst firm Infonetics Research. While mobile phone sales worldwide were up a healthy 13 percent in 2006, the interesting number is a 327 percent growth in WiFi phone sales during the same period. Still not impressed? Consider what Infonetices predicts for the rest of the decade: A compound annual growth rate close to 200 percent for … [Read more...]

Looking Backwards for the Future

Yesterday I saw something in the New York Times that got me really excited. It wasn’t a preview of Vista or yet-another-article about the Apple iPhone. It was a story about something distinctly low-tech and backwards looking, and that I’ve wished existed for a long time. The subject of the story was a turntable that sends audio output directly to a computer. Now, this isn’t for those of you who have already converted your vinyl collection to CDs or MP3 files, like my friend the … [Read more...]