IM Getting More Mobile

There’s no shortage of buzz about video on mobile phones. But an unscientific survey by the Silicon Valley Business Journal says that 83 percent of readers have no interest in watching video on their phones. Another five percent would watch if it was free. And only 10 percent have actually done it.

Which leads me to think that video is not going to be the killer app that boosters claim.

Instead, instant messaging may be the application that erases the line between voice and other types of communication. EQO has been around for a while with their IM clients for mobile phones. Pinger has been busy promoting “instant voice” messaging. Now Redwood City, CA-based IM pioneer ICQ has entered the area.

Today ICQ announced that their appications will now be available on IXI Mobile’s handheld Ogo devices. the gizmo is available in the US through AT&T Wireless.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to launch with IXI Mobile on
their Ogo Platform,” said ICQ General Manager Orey Gilliam in a press release today. “The full keyboard, large screen and ease of use of the Ogo will appeal to our users and entice them to take their experience with them everywhere they go — away from the PC.”