More on Skype for Biz

VoIP Planet’s Gerry Blackwell has a story today about Skype for business and a Skype-based phone system, CallButler. While I’ve written about other downsides of using Skype in business, here’s an ethical consideration that Blackwell doesn’t bring up. Namely, is it right to use other people’s networks — which is what Skype’s P2P architecture does — to run your phone system? In other contexts that might be called…theft.


  1. resources says:

    The hyperlink ‘Skype for business’ (20070105 by Caroline Schuk) is showing a surplus of ‘http’s’ and is linking to the W3C site.

    You might want to wield the editing pen on this..

  2. prabu says:

    the rights issue has to be considered as others have opted to use of their network for free and not business . it is like i come to stay in your house and take it over to my advantage . secondly security is not a concern for these cheepies and freeloaders who use skypee i think