Skype Gets More Mobile

There’s yet another way to take Skype with you when you’re on the go, thanks to a licensing agreement announced today between Skype and embedded VoIP software pioneer HelloSoft. Skype will be incorporating HelloSoft’s VoIP technology in its communication software to support Skype calling devices running Windows Mobile 5.0 OS — too bad Palm Treo users — anywhere they are connected to the Internet. You can find a complete list of supported handsets here. , "We are always … [Read more...]

Network Share and Share Alike

Whenever the talk gets around to wireless applications and services, the question of the infrastructure to deliver all this whiz-bang stuff always seems to get glossed over. It’s like Futurama (the 1939 version, not the 1999 cartoon). No one back then spent much thought on the underlying technology that was going to whiz us around town at light speed or make the kitchen obey our every wish. Likewise, the ubiquitous WiFi that’s going to deliver every imaginable service to mobile phones and … [Read more...]

Born to Roam For Free


If you travel overseas, chances are you often get a sky-high surprise from your mobile phone service after your plane has landed. It happened to me about three years ago. I was on a vacation trip to Hong Kong when my elderly mother took a turn for the worse. Sprint socked me with a $400 phone bill when I got home. It could have been worse. Before I left I signed up for a special Hong Kong calling plan. Otherwise the bill would have been $1,200. Roam4Free CEO Pat Phelan hopes to set road … [Read more...]

CEO Says Cisco Suit Only Seeks Interoperability With Apple’s “iPhone”

The International Herald Tribune's Victoria Shannon reports that in an interview with the newspaper, Cisco CEO John Chambers called his company's lawsuit against Apple, Inc over Apple's use of the name iPhone a "minor skirmish" that could have been avoided had Apple agreed to interoperability with Cisco products. "We told Apple for five years, 'This is our trademark. We'll license it to you, but it is ours,'" the Herald Tribune quotes Chambers as saying. "All we ask is that people respect our … [Read more...]