Onward and Upward

To those of you who made it by the new Voxilla online store for some year-end shopping, we’ve been glad to see you! And we hope you’ve been pleased to see our fresh paint and the new goodies on our shelves. We are still working out some distribution logistics, but look forward to a year of new growth in 2007.

For you with no idea what I’m going on about, we quietly changed a week or so ago from the old-stand-by shopping cart with the groovy orange graphics to a brand-new platform sporting fresh design that integrates well with the rest of Voxilla’s on-line properties. In the process, we’ve made the experience of shopping at Voxilla faster, clearer, and more consistent, in addition to nearly tripling our inventory of products — hello Digium users, hello Netgear fans — and launching new partnerships with Talkswitch and Vegastream.

We’ve also added International shipping via U.S. Postal Service and secured new distribution alliances that should improve all facets of our approach to helping you find the right product for your IP communications needs.

Returning customers should find your old log-in credentials work on the new store, and your order history is preserved and accessible on the new site. New users will find registration a snap and our secure online ordering process easy to navigate. As always, your privacy and satisfaction remain our highest priorities.

We are very excited about this step forward in Voxilla’s evolution; it’s something we’ve been working toward much of the last quarter of this year and we’re happy to have it finally in place. We hope you find our changes useful and pleasing as well.