PhoneGnome Adds Fine-Tuned Calling

The rate at which the folks at Televolution add features to their nifty PhoneGnome products is astounding.

Arguably already the simplest to use entry point for IP communications, it’s also quickly becoming one of the most powerful.

The most recent feature addition, which gives users the ability to direct their outgoing calls to virtually any SIP provider, is sure to offer heavy callers huge budget relief.

A PhoneGnome user is now able to fine-tune how outgoing calls are handled by easily creating “dial plans” (or “Internet Calling Overrides” in PhoneGnome parlance) based on the first few digits of any phone number. So, say you’re in the US and often call India. A particular provider offers lower rates to India than others, but only has so-so rates elsewhere. Not a problem because India’s country code of “91” is all we need. You log on to your PhoneGnome account and tell the service that any call beginning with “00191” is directed through the specific provider. All other calls go out over the service (or services) you assign.

There are no limits to the providers you can use (as long as they offer their service using SIP), which allows you to shop around for the lowest rates to wherever you call regularly. The granularity of the service is such that, for most countries, you would be able to distinguish between calls to land lines or cell phones (which usually have higher rates).

Virtually every service provider includes a list of tariffs for calls to specific locations. Use these lists to find the lowest rate to the locations you call most often, pop those services into an easy-to-use PhoneGnome interface, and save big.

Phone Gnome Internet Calling Overrides