My Toaster, My Phone

These days it’s not just the difference between telecom companies and software companies that’s disappearing. Austin, TX-based TeleSoft is erasing the difference between the telephone and, well, other appliances.

The embedded communications software company announced today that its VoIP application now runs on operating systems used in Micrium’s embedded software for automotive and avionics applications, consumer electronics, medical devices, military and aerospace applications, networking systems, and systems-on-a-chip.

The software already is compatible with the Linux, VxWorks, Nucleus, MQX and Windows operating systems and is currently used in mobile and IP phones, gateways, EV-DO PC datacards and PDAs.

But the latest development should be sparking developer imaginations. While systems and technology already exist to do things like remote medical monitoring, this takes one piece of complexity out of the loop. Now the device doesn’t need to connect to the phone to communicate – it is the phone.

Here are a few possibilities for it right off the top of my head.

You might call your Tivo box when you’re away from home to reprogram it. If you get lost as much as I do, you might like a navigation system that sends directions to your car’s steering.

Perhaps you’d like to call your refrigerator’s automatic marguerita maker when you’re getting off the freeway at your exit. For that matter, have the car make the call.

In the spirit of the season, what would you put on your wish list using this?