Blog Tag 2.0

As the father of a six year-old, I am currently wired to join in any game, participate in any role-play, or accede to any request that I drop whatever I am doing and have a little fun, whenever such might come my way. Since Carolyn Schuk made me it in a game of Blog Tag yesterday — a little diversion brought to the IP Communications blogosphere over the weekend by Jeff Pulver — I’ll bite.

The nature of these viral things is that they tend to waft and warp a bit from their original forms, so if my participation varies from the rules and parameters set forth by Mr. Pulver, I feel confident of being excused.

Five things one might not know about me before arriving at the cocktail party:

1. I am blind in my left eye, having lost it to a ruptured vitreous membrane in a bar-fight in 1992. After three heroic surgical attempts to save my sight by renowned Bay Area eye-doc Richard MacDonald (who my friends and I dubbed Air Mac at the time), I threw in the towel. Now you could strip naked right next to me on my left side and I wouldn’t even notice.

2. I was adopted at the age of one week and raised by wharf rats on the banks of the Mississippi River. Not really. I was actually raised by loving human parents in Memphis, Tennessee, which is not the same at all, but close. To the river, that is. I found and met my birth parents at the age of 35. My father was the youngest of eleven children born to a working-class Irish family in Philadelphia; my mother was a sixteen year-old immigrant from Lithuania. After I met him, my father swore to me she looked eighteen at the time. All I can say now, having seen the pictures, is: she was in fact a hottie, and (given the courses of their lives subsequent to my birth in August 1960) they made a great decision to put me up for adoption. I’ve been lucky from Day One (or Week One), apparently.

3. I am a writer/songsinger who has produced two full-length records of original music and I have performed live with bands on three continents.

4. I was alone for half an hour in the sauna at Trump Palace in Atlantic City with Joe Dimaggio at Muhammed Ali’s birthday party in 1988. It was actually a serendipitous moment, because my adoptive father had recently passed away, and he and the Yankee Clipper had been running buds in New York back in the day. So I had a reason to strike up a conversation with Mr. Dimaggio, and we ended up having a pleasant chat.

5. For my birthday one year, Paulina Porizkova showed me some secrets of runway modeling in her kitchen in New York City.

I’ll tag PhoneBoy, Paul Burke, and Jeseppi Trade Wildfeather — You’re it, boys!