Blog Tag

So now VoIP Girl has roped me into the Blog Tag game.

Here are my little-known facts:

I have a degree in Music. Sometimes I still play the piano, but mostly I sing these days. I belong to a choir dedicated to Gregorian Chant, Renaissance Polyphony and Latin liturgy.

I love shoes and the color red. And especially the two together.

I used to work in product marketing for an ERP software company where I was a maven of manufacturing. I volunteered to edit the customer magazine because it sounded like fun. After my son was born, I left the marketing job and just ran the magazine. After the company was inhaled by Computer Associates, I worked as a freelance copywriter. I was a wallflower at the dot-com ball. After the tech bust in 2001 I was forced to find honest work.

I write poetry that gets published in journals that go belly up immediately after — sometimes before — publishing my work. I also write personal essays. Some of them are on SiliconMom.

Andy Abramson once called me “Voxilla’s VoIP Princess.”

So I tag….Marcelo Rodriguez, Lonnie Lazar and Eric Chamberlain.

Oh, and Leanne: check out a la cards for your embellishments.