A Fallen Journalist and Hero

The news that CNET editor James Kim was found dead among the icy peaks of southern Oregon hit hard today.

James Kim

I followed Kim’s video and written coverage of new multimedia technologies for the pioneering San Francisco-based CNET because, in many ways, it was among few shining exceptions to the lack of basic journalism in the online media.

Kim reported on his topics with relish, without bias, and rarely using the words “I” or “me,” understanding what many of those play-acting on Movable Type don’t seem to grasp: the more the writer/producer is part of the story, the less value the story topic has.

But even more saddening is the fact that Kim died while trying to save his family. The fact that his wife and two daughters were rescued, partly as a result of a short and fortunate ping of connectivity from his wife’s cell phone, does not make Kim any less a hero.

James Kim will, of course, be missed. But more importantly, he’ll be remembered.

CNET has put together a memorial section where you may leave thoughts and condolences for James Kim’s family.