PhoneGnome Makes Free Calling Easy – Voxilla Makes PhoneGnome Easier

PhoneGnome offers several ways to make free calls, including using non-PhoneGnome devices.

As an example, I don’t have a landline at home and can use PhoneGnome, a SPA942, and my cell phone. The solution is a good fit for longer calls, when holding a cell phone would be uncomfortable and use too many air-time minutes.

Configuring a non-PhoneGnome device was a manual process, until now. With the help of Dameon Welch-Abernathy, aka “PhoneBoy“, the Voxilla Device Configuration Wizards now include support for PhoneGnome.

Simply select PhoneGnome as the Service Provider when stepping through the wizard and supply the SoftGnome SIP credentials.

The SoftGnome SIP credentials are found in My PhoneGnome Features -> SoftGnome Remote Access -> Edit -> View SIP Credentials.

The Voxilla Device Configuration Wizard won’t convert the device into a full-featured PhoneGnome Box, but it will allow the device to make and receive calls using PhoneGnome as the service provider.

For the full set of PhoneGnome features, there is the PhoneGnome Box or PhoneGnome has an upgrade tool for the Linksys SPA3000 (soon to be End-of-Lifed by Linksys).