Grand Central Gets Even Better

I confess. I’m a fan of Fremont, CA-based Grand Central’s one-number calling service. It’s not just that you can route your calls easily anywhere you want. It’s the cool features that GC offers — like the ability to annotate your stored voicemail messsages or email people at their GC phone number — that makes the service such a hit.

Today GC just announced a raft of new features that will further endear them to fans.

The first is unlimited free inbound minutes. Now you don’t have to worry about hitting some arbitrary limit, after which all your calls go to voicemail. This was one of the hesitations I had about replacing the multiplicity of phone numbers on my card with my GC number.

The new release also addresses my second reservation. You can now choose whether or not you want your calls screened. I found that I didn’t really like automatic call screening. If I pick up the phone in the first palce I usually do want to talk to people. So screening feels kind of…rude.

Another cool feature is new ways to black callers you don’t want to hear from. For example, you can select a “number not in service” message for your ex-husband’s lawyer.

In addition, the service now imports from several address books including Gmail, Yahoo, vCards, CSV files, and Outlook or Outlook Express.

To help you use all these features, GrandCentral Pocket now offers a downloadable pocket guide. Now if only the company would support more area codes so I could get my upstate NY relatives on board…