Calling Home for the Holidays

Want to remind kids to phone home for the holidays? Or connect with people you haven’t spoken to in a while?

Dallas-based Jaduka wants to make it easy. The provider of click-to-call services has a special promotion going for the holidays: free e-greeting cards that let the recipient call you back from any number with a single mouse click.

The subsidiary of Network IP — a pre-paid calling service provider — is offering 60 minutes of free calling as a promotion to get you to sign up for one its fee services, which start at $4.99 for 60 minutes of click-and-connect calls.

The company also offers private toll-free numbers, “disposable” phone numbers (great for the finger flirting crowd), and JadukaTV (a “user-generated collaborative story-telling application”).

On second thought, maybe you don’t really want to know that Jason is living in a yurt in a communal marriage with four women and raising yaks with his Harvard MBA…