Ubiquitous WiFi Revisited – Not at wVoIP

The wireless VoIP evangelists gathered in San Francisco this week for wVoIP to dispense sacred wireless knowledge to skeptics and converts alike.

But one thing you couldn’t get there was…wireless Internet access. Not unless you signed up for an $8.95 day pass from Deep Blue. Now, that’s a nice moneymaker for the Nikko Hotel, the location of this particular revival meeting. The hotel wanted $20,000 to wholesale the service to Firece VoIP, the sponsor of the meeting.

By the way, the pricing for these services has nothing to do with cost. It’s all about what the market will bear.

I have it from the manager of a local convention center hotel is that those day subscriptions for WiFi are huge moneymakers for upscale hotels. Second tier hotels typically offer free WiFi Internet access. In other words, if you stay at Marriott Courtyard, you’ll get services for free that you’ll have to pay for at a top-tier Marriott hotel.

When I learned that to post my column I would have to pay Deep Blue, my interest in the inside scoop on the backhaul layers and quad plays took a precipitous drop.

I’m just not interested in talking about two-year roadmaps to mobility when I don’t have a roadmap to mobility for the next two minutes.

So please excuse me from the meeting while I go look for a telephone. The single-mode fixed kind with an RJ-11 jack.