TalkSwitch TS-600 Product Review


Product Name: TalkSwitch TS-600
Data Sheet: TalkSwitch TS-600 datasheet
Estimated Price: $189.00
Pros: Large adjustable LCD; one cord to the phone.
Cons: It’s an analog phone.

TalkSwitch TS-600

TalkSwitch TS-600




This phone’s basic features will work with any analog line or phone system. Some advanced features are only available when the phone is connected to a TalkSwitch phone system.

Build and Design

The TS-600 is a sturdy phone with a light handset.

One cord on the desktop – this phone uses a power injector, supplying voice and power into the phone via one three-pair cable. The power injector connects close to the wall jack or in the wiring closet.

You have more freedom to locate this phone where you want – the supplied power and RJ-11 cords are 10ft. long, compared to the 6ft. cords we see from other manufacturers.

The handset cord is also longer than standard – one can talk in the corner of the largest of cubicles without worrying about the phone sliding off the desk.

The phone includes a reversible mount for desk or wall mounting, large LCD tilt display, data port, headset jack, and plenty of feature buttons.

Ease of Use and Installation

The TS-600 is easy to install, just plug in the power and the supplied phone cord into a RJ-11 jack and the phone is ready for calls.

The LCD has six softkeys that provide the menu, on-hook, and off-hook selections.

Never can remember what button to push to hang-up when using the headset or speakerphone? No problem – the TS-600 has a reddish colored Goodbye button.


The TS-600 is packed with features:

  • Powered through a phone cable connected to a wall jack or a cord adapter
  • Speakerphone
  • Large adjustable backlit LCD
  • Redial list with up to 5 numbers
  • Menu-driven user interface
  • 7 one-touch memory buttons
  • 6 softkeys to access features
  • Program name and number for memory
  • Supports handsfree group and intercom paging (feature requires a TalkSwitch PBX)
  • Dialing digits displayed in large fonts
  • RJ-22 and 2.5mm headset jacks with amplifier
  • Dedicated headset button
  • Voicemail waiting indicator with message count
  • 99 name/number telephone directory
  • 99 name/number caller ID log
  • Speaker and In Use indicators
  • Buttons with LED: Headset, Mute
  • Ringer, speaker, headset, and receiver volume adjustable
  • Data port
  • 4 ring tones
  • Call timer

Performance and Innovation

The TS-600 sound quality is what one would expect from a business class analog phone.

When the phone is idle, the backlit LCD shows the number of missed calls and voicemail messages. The TS-600 automatically resets the missed call counter each time the phone goes off-hook, a noted improvement over some other phones that keep incrementing up to 99 missed calls and must be cleared manually.


The TS-600 is a reasonably priced analog phone with a large LCD and packed with features.

This phone is a good top-tier choice for those not yet ready to make the transition to a SIP phone.

This is a phone to consider for your analog PBX.