Talkswitch TS-400 Product Review


Product Name: TalkSwitch TS-400
Spec Sheet: TalkSwitch TS-400 datasheet
Estimated Price: $159.00
Pros: Loads of feature buttons, no complex menus to navigate; missed call counter automatically resets; easy to use with a headset.
Cons: Only an analog phone; backlit LCD turns off when phone is on-hook.

TalkSwitch TS-400

TalkSwitch TS-400




The TS-400 is the middle-tier analog phone from [URL=””]TalkSwitch[/URL]. This phone’s basic features will work with any analog line, ATA, or phone system. Some advanced features are only available when the phone is connected to a TalkSwitch PBX, like the TalkSwitch TS-48CVA.

Build and Design

The TS-400 is a sturdy phone with a light handset and compact desktop footprint.

You have more freedom to locate this phone where you want – the supplied power and RJ-11 cords are 10ft. long, compared to the 6ft. cords we see from other manufacturers. The handset cord is also longer than standard – one can talk in the corner of the largest of cubicles without worrying about the phone sliding off the desk.

The phone includes a reversible mount for desk or wall mounting, tilt display, data port, headset jack, and plenty of feature buttons.

Installation and Ease of Use

The TS-400 is easy to install, just plug in the power and the supplied phone cord into a RJ-11 jack and it is ready to go.


The TS-400 is packed with features:

  • Speakerphone
  • Adjustable backlit LCD display
  • 12 one-touch feature keys
  • Program name and number for memory
  • Supports handsfree group and intercom paging (features are available only with the 24-CA, 48-CA and 48-CVA telephone systems)
  • 2.5 mm headset jacks
  • Built-in headset amplifier
  • Dedicated headset button
  • Voicemail waiting indicator with message count
  • 99 name/number telephone directory
  • 99 name/number caller ID log
  • Speaker, headset and In Use indicators
  • Ringer, speaker, headset, and handset volume adjustable
  • Data port
  • Redial up to 32 digits
  • Maintains basic function and retains memory without power

Performance and Innovation

The TS-400 sound quality is what one would expect from a business class analog phone.

No need to go hunting around in menus, this phone is loaded with labeled feature keys and an ideal choice for heavy headset users.

When the phone is idle, the backlit LCD display shows the number of missed calls and voicemail messages. The TS-400 automatically resets the missed call counter each time the phone goes off-hook, a noted improvement over some other phones that keep incrementing up to 99 missed calls and must be cleared manually.


The TS-400 is an analog phone packed with features.

This phone is a good middle-tier choice for those not yet ready to make the transition to a SIP deskphone.