Grand Central Gets Even Better

I confess. I'm a fan of Fremont, CA-based Grand Central's one-number calling service. It's not just that you can route your calls easily anywhere you want. It's the cool features that GC offers -- like the ability to annotate your stored voicemail messsages or email people at their GC phone number -- that makes the service such a hit. Today GC just announced a raft of new features that will further endear them to fans. The first is unlimited free inbound minutes. Now you don't have to worry … [Read more...]

Calling Home for the Holidays

Want to remind kids to phone home for the holidays? Or connect with people you haven’t spoken to in a while? Dallas-based Jaduka wants to make it easy. The provider of click-to-call services has a special promotion going for the holidays: free e-greeting cards that let the recipient call you back from any number with a single mouse click. The subsidiary of Network IP -- a pre-paid calling service provider -- is offering 60 minutes of free calling as a promotion to get you to sign up for … [Read more...]

AsteriskNow, Open Source Domination Later


Last week Asterisk users got a peek at their Christmas present from Digium: a beta version of the new AsteriskNow GUI. A formal announcement and a splashy launch are in the works for December. But as important as a user-friendly Asterisk interface is, even more important, the development signals a new direction for the creator of the open source PBX, according to Digium VP of Product management Bill Miller. While the company promises that it will continue to serve the open source community, … [Read more...]

Survey Says Few Regular Skype Users

While Skype brags about its hundreds of millions of downloads, here's a more interesting statistic. Only about four percent of VoIP callers use Skype on a regular basis, according to a recent UK survey by Jupiter Research. The findings were reported this morning by Ben Camm-Jones of Webuser. … [Read more...]