Now You’re Talking

"Click to talk" is a great idea. But when you click to talk and get a message that you need to download software, the natural inclination is to just move on. For companies doing business online, that translates to lost business. UK-based Mexuar Communications aims to bridge that gap with its new "click to talk" Java-based Corraleta Technology SDK for Asterisk, which the company announced this week at Astricon. Mexuar is promoting the software for applications like online sales and customer … [Read more...]

Can’t Decide on a Cell Plan? Check Your Sperm Count

The news is abuzz about a new study that correlates high cell phone usage and low sperm count. Science 101 teaches us that correlation does not mean causation, but causation sells more papers than correlation, so the headlines are about cell phone usage causing low sperm counts. The study was presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine conference in New Orleans. The research team from the Cleveland Clinic Foundation tested the sperm of 364 men who were being treated at … [Read more...]

Smarting Up Your Dumb Cell

You're away from the office and discover you need an email address that's in your desktop address book. But you can't get it with the one device you do have with you -- your cell phone. Remoba of Santa Clara, CA thinks you should have another choice besides a PDA and a costly wireless data plan. The three-year-old company's mission is to bring your desktop to your plain-jane ordinary, un-smart mobile phone. Remoba offers a suite of applications that connect desktop applications like … [Read more...]

CommuniGate Released CommuniGate Pro 5.1.1

CommuniGate released version 5.1.1 of the CommuniGate Pro software today. The 5.1 release came out last week, but had some bugs. I'm working on a product review for another product. When I get to a point where I can stop, I will try out the new release. I have an open SIP issue to test and see if it was fixed with the new release. Here are the major points from the release notes: 5.1.1 22-Oct-06XIMSS: the Calendaring, File Storage, and Task management operations are … [Read more...]