Where Do We Go Now?

I’ve been feeling guilty for having little to get on my Soap Vox about of late.

The truth is we’ve been engaged in deep discussions internally regarding the focus and future direction of our efforts here at Voxilla, something probably encouraged in equal measure by the revamping of the news site and forum, together with what we perceive as possible tectonic shifts in the marketplace for IP communications.

To those ends, I’d like to reach out to Voxilla’s membership and readerbase to solitcit your hopefully constructive, but unvarnished feedback about where YOU see Voxilla as a company today, how we do whatever it is you think we do, and how you think we might do it better, given your understanding of IP communications and where it’s heading.

I’ve created a mailbox for suggestion_box@voxilla.com, where you can drop us a line on any subject you feel we should be aware of as we continue to develop with our industry. Your mail will remain completely private and no list of senders will be compiled for purposes of further solicitation of any kind.

We simply value your input into our processes, and appreciate your willingness to help us become a better, and more successful company.