Now You’re Talking

“Click to talk” is a great idea. But when you click to talk and get a message that you need to download software, the natural inclination is to just move on. For companies doing business online, that translates to lost business.

UK-based Mexuar Communications aims to bridge that gap with its new “click to talk” Java-based Corraleta Technology SDK for Asterisk, which the company announced this week at Astricon.

Mexuar is promoting the software for applications like online sales and customer service, pay-per-call Web advertising, as well as for businesses that have an international customer base.

When site visitors click on a call icon, an end-to-end VoIP call is connected within seconds — there’s no requirement for a telephone at either end. All callers need is a headset. The software can also be used to trigger a conventional phone call. To help call centers operate efficiently, Mexuar can deliver customer information or initiate a database lookup for customer records.

The software resides on an Asterisk PBX and works with any Web browser — including Firefox and Safari — and requires a small piece of HTML code in the website. The pricing structure is simple — one license per Asterisk server. There are no ongoing fees or maintenance charges. Mexuar also offers a hosted service.

Mexuar’s technology opens up plenty of new business opportunities, according to Dean Collins, head of Business Development at Mexuar.

“Every click to talk solution previous to this uses ActiveX which limits them to Internet Explorer,” he explains. “The problem with Skype [click to call] is that you need to install software. All browsers use Java. Anybody using any browser anywhere in the world can make a free call with Mexuar.”


  1. dean.collins says:

    Hi Carolyn,

    Thanks for the great review.

    The launch at Astricon Dallas last week turned out to be a smashing success. Whats been interesting is the number of applications that people are using Mexuar Home for that we hadn’t even considered.

    We are working with a number of Asterisk System integrators from various countries to implement this technology Mexuar –

    Also I cant name who it is yet but yesterday I got an email from one of our resellers has made the first sale in the USA, sometime in the next month one of the large national car repair chains will be implementing click to call on their website for customers arranging appointment times and collections.


    Dean Collins