CommuniGate Released CommuniGate Pro 5.1.1

CommuniGate released version 5.1.1 of the CommuniGate Pro software today.

The 5.1 release came out last week, but had some bugs.

I’m working on a product review for another product. When I get to a point where I can stop, I will try out the new release. I have an open SIP issue to test and see if it was fixed with the new release.

Here are the major points from the release notes:

5.1.1 22-Oct-06

  • XIMSS: the Calendaring, File Storage, and Task management operations are documented.
  • XIMSS: many operations are renamed – the old names still can be used, but XIMSS applications should be updated before 5.2 release.
  • SIGNAL: only the presence SUBSCRIBE with the adrl+xml content subtype are processed as "self-subscriptions".
  • Admin: the Log Display Size Limit Preference option is implemented.
  • SIP: strict-route processing moved from SIP Server to SIP Client.
  • Bug Fix: WebUser: 5.0c1: if the login page was opened using the wml/imode/imodejp references, the response Content-Type was not set.
  • Bug Fix: WebAdmin: 5.1.0: updating any Settings->General page put incorrect data into the Main.settings file, making it unreadable by 5.1.0 after server restart.
  • Bug Fix: WebAdmin: 5.1.0: the MIB link did not work.
  • Bug Fix: Admin: 5.1.0: if a postmaster account is replaced with a different object (Forwarder, Alias, etc.), the server shut down in 10 minutes due to "no postmaster password" situation.
  • Bug Fix: Platform: 5.1.0: a bug in Microsoft Visual C++ optimizing compiler caused various problems in the Win32/Intel version.
  • Bug Fix: MEDIAPROXY: 5.1c4: re-INVITE operation did not reset the "remote port" data, causing communication problems for clients that switch ports during one call (such as voice/fax gateways).