JAJAH founder Roman Scharf today announced that VoIP is dead.

Scharf shared this insight at the ETRE (European Technology Roundtable Exhibition) in Barcelona today. Scharf’s point is that – as I keep saying – people just want to make phone calls. They don’t want to have to be networking gurus, they don’t want to add another layer of technology to their lives. They want to pick up the phone, get a dial tone and make a call. Period.

Imagine if 100 years ago people had to know as much about analog telephony as those of us using VoIP have to know about IP technology. The telephone would be a footnote in the proverbial dustbin of history. Maybe Scharf’s right.


  1. humba3 says:

    I recently bought a WLAN SIP phone from a SIP Provider in Germany. After starting up, all I needed to do is enter the WPA key, and off I went to make calls.
    Same things for ATA boxes by our cable provider.
    You can’t take a BYOD provider and a complex as heck device like an SPA ATA or SPA phone and expect that an average user can handle it without problems.

    On top of that, a lot of hardware makers really do abuse their customers as guinea pigs.. if you look at the number of bugs in devices by Linksys and Co.. we’re a far cry from the stability of the PSTN – although when you look at PBXes by traditional manufacturers, these days they’re not much better, and as a regular subscriber you never get to see all the hoops your telco has to jump through to keep their net up and running.