EQO Says Convergence Future is Now

Many are talking about future VoIP-cell convergence. But some say the future is now. One of them is EQO CEO Bill Tam. With EQO’s extension of social networking to the cell phone, the future is now, says Tam.

“Basically, we’ve brought a unified communication application to mass market handsets,” he says. “What we provide is an intelligent platform that turns cell phones into multi-modal devices. When we launched Skype Mobile we started with 30 handsets. Now we’re covering about 300.”

“Skype has had a lot of trouble tying their solution into Symbian,” Tam continues. “For those who don’t want to wait, we’ve made it so people without expensive handsets can use Skype on their mobile phone.”

The British Columbia company just released a new version of its free software, EQO Mobile, that takes functionality developed for Skype – like click-to-call and callback – and extends it to widgets for other social networks. Callbacks are done over Skype if you’re a Skype user. If not, the call is placed over the cell network. EQO MObile also lets you change modes from voice to IM on the fly — for example, answering a phone call with an IM.

The new release also makes the EQO application easier to use for Palm Treo fans by consolidating other IM networks and communities on the device.

Despite this dramatic expansion of the company’s potential user base, Tam says that EQO isn’t standing still. He hints that the company has some more announcements in the pipeline that will be of interest to the VoIP community.