Google-eBay Click-to-Call Marriage On The Rocks?

Has the Google-eBay click-to-call marriage come to an end? Already?

It may appear that way from a posting on the “Official Google Blog” (Official Google Blog) that appeared earlier today (Saturday) and quickly disappeared.

Ironically, a link to the post, entitled “Google Click-to-Call project cancelled,” continued to exist on the listing of “Recent Posts” on the blog on Saturday evening (as this item is written), though the link leads to an error page.

We managed to get a screen shot of the original post, which can be seen below.

Google Post

If true, this would imply that the “multi-year agreement to connect users, merchants, and advertisers around the globe” jointly announced by Google and eBay on Aug. 28th is off.

But there are serious questions about the veracity of the post. Though in its approach to business Google has been refreshingly progressive (if one can overlook the company’s regrettable decision to abide by the censorship demands of the Chinese dictatorship), it is difficult to believe that Google would back off an agreement barely 5 weeks later because it is a “monopolistic aproach that would damage small companies in the CRM area.”


  1. dean.collins says:

    ha ha ha.

    Maybe they heard our Mexuar Corraleta application is being launched on October the 24th at Astricon in Dallas and realised their solution was last generation crap.

    Check out these links for more info

    Or watch the video presentation here.

    Also if you haven’t heard of Asterisk check out

    Basically Mexuar Corraleta along with Digium’s Asterisk is going to blow this technology out of the water. You can now Click to Call any website via either a purchase to own or hosted technology (hosting only in the UK at the moment but looking for USA and elsewhere partners now)

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  2. jwolthuis says:

    I guess it’s all a scam (Official Google Blog: About that fake post). But it allowed Dean to post some useful links.

  3. dean.collins says:

    hey, we’re a small 4 person company….got to get the word out where you can, ha ha.

    and no….I didn’t hack Blogger to cause this story to surface, (having said that the google technology is still crap).

    If anyone from this list is going to be at Astricon on the 24th come along to stand 118 and see what all the fuss is about.