The Comeback Kid

This has been a tough year at Voxilla. We are not a large company, so everyone here has to wear a number of hats in order to make it all work. Because 2005 was a year of explosive growth for us, we realized in the middle of the 1st quarter this year all of the systems and much of the architecture we had in place needed to be revamped, replaced, and in a few cases jettisoned entirely if we were to meet the sales and growth goals we set for ourselves.

As a result, we’ve all been busy behind the scenes working on stuff that doesn’t normally make it into the public eye. And this has been true for no one moreso than for our founder, Marcelo Rodriguez.

With his attention sucked away by things peripheral and tangential, Marcelo got away from his true love and the thing that gave birth to Voxilla — writing. For months there was nothing on with Marcelo’s byline and I could see around the office that taking a toll on him. I could see, too, by our site traffic, it was taking a toll on the business as well.

But things are rebounding now that we’ve got some new systems in place and rolled out the new content site and user forum. And today Marcelo posted an article in his SoapVox column that shows me he’s on the comeback, too.

His SIP ‘n Skype analysis is just the sort of thing that put Voxilla on the map and I’m encouraged to see our jefe back to sharpening his pencil, so to speak.