TalkPlus Is Not Just For Dating

TalkPlus believes its just-announced patent-pending plans to centralize voice services on the cell phone addresses many needs: privacy, mobility, accessibility and even "safe" dating. Yes, it's hard to market many of the new products in the so-called "Voice 2.0" space because they don't easily lend themselves to pithy press release descriptions (nor, as this story certainly attests to, concise journalistic presentation). So the San Mateo, CA.-based Talk Plus is launching the service and … [Read more...]

VoIPing Away on My Cell

Martin Dindos has just filed a comprehensive "How-To" on connecting the new Nokia E-series phones (at least those with Wi-Fi capability) to Asterisk. Before publishing it, I had a chance to follow Martin's step-by-step instructions (I did edit the Asterisk files directly as our installation pre-dates the release of the whizzy-wigged Trixbox by a few years). My verdict: Pairing the new Nokia "fusion" phones (the E61 in my case, this will not work with the brain-dead Wi-Fi-less imitation E62 … [Read more...]

Using the Nokia E-Series Phones with Asterisk

The mobile phone giant's newest hybrid phones usher in a brave new era of cell/VoIP connectivity. Getting them working, though, is no trivial matter. In this Voxilla How-To, we show you how to easily pair up Nokia's new fusion phones (the E60, E61 and E70) with a basic Asterisk PBX server and take full advantage of the best of both telephony worlds. … [Read more...]

Where Do We Go Now?

I've been feeling guilty for having little to get on my Soap Vox about of late. The truth is we've been engaged in deep discussions internally regarding the focus and future direction of our efforts here at Voxilla, something probably encouraged in equal measure by the revamping of the news site and forum, together with what we perceive as possible tectonic shifts in the marketplace for IP communications. To those ends, I'd like to reach out to Voxilla's membership and readerbase to … [Read more...]