Coming Soon to a Cell Phone Near You

Let’s face facts. With around two billion cell phone users in the world, the cell phone is the go-to place if you want fast market traction for new services. JAJAH - the company that wants to make VoIP a no-brainer for those of us who regard any change in our habits as problematic - is bringing its service to your cell phone. Early this year, JAJAH launched its Web-centric VoIP calling — simply put in your number and the number you want to call and JAJAH places the call and rings your … [Read more...]

Corrupting Influences on VoIP

VoIP bloggers Russell Shaw and Rich Tehrani have both weighed in on the role that the cozy relationship between governmental leaders in so-called "Third-World" countries and the established telecom monopolies in those countries may have on VoIP. Specifically, Shaw and Terhani postulate -- through thinly veiled questions -- that VoIP is under attack (through port blocking, IP telephony bans and the arrests of VoIP providers) in Namibia, Belarus, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates and South Korea … [Read more...]

That Old Skype Magic

Skype seems to have universities in a spin lately. The San Jose Mercury reported today that San Jose State University is the latest college in the California University system attempting to ban the use of the popular PC-to-PC VoIP service. It’s Skype’s peer-to-peer architecture that has network administrators going round and round with students and faculty who want to use the popular service. Essentially, when you join Skype you’re agreeing to allow Skype to forward traffic through … [Read more...]

Polycom C100S Communicator

Polycom C100S

At-a-Glance Product Name: Polycom C100S Communicator Estimated Price: $150.00 Pros: Easy set-up, looks cool, sounds great. Cons: Only works on Windows XP; USB connector cord is too short; poor performance in noisy environments. Introduction Polycom, legendary for quality sound in its conferencing and handset IP hardware, swings for the grandstand with a cool-looking, uh, communicator that permits hands-free softphone IP telephony. With umpteen billion Skype users spanning the globe, it … [Read more...]