VoIP for Slowskys

In the last few months you’ve probably seen Comcast’s TV ads featuring Bill and Karolyn Slowsky, the turtles who like their Internet like they move – slow. Now OPEX Communications wants to lure the Slowskys onto the VoIP bandwagon.

On Wednesday, Elk Grove, IL-based OPEX introduced its Web-based Click-2-Dial VoIP. The service appears to be identical to what JAJAH has been offering for the past year: Enter the number you want to call into the Web site and OPEX connects the call and rings your phone. OPEX is charging $10/month for the service.

OPEX is taking an interesting marketing tack – promoting VoIP to dial-up users. Despite dramatic growth in broadband, dial-up still represents a significant part of the market – slightly less than half of all U.S. Internet users according to market research company Nielsen/NetRatings. That’s 61 million callers who feel left out of the VoIP revolution.

“Although DSL and Cable broadband users benefit from OPEX Click-2- Dial, the dial-up user is no longer discriminated against,” said OPEX CEO Thomas Jacobs in a yesterday’s press release. “OPEX Click-2-Dial is truly a user friendly service enjoyed by any consumer who wants to take advantage of Voice Over the Internet technology and its savings benefits, without all the baggage that comes with it.”

Located in Elk Grove, IL OPEX has been reselling telecom services since 1998 and began reselling BroadVox VoIP as part of its service plans in 2005. The company’s focus is on residential and small business service, including plans for home businesses and even a cell service specifically for occasional callers with no monthly fee and a $.10/ minute rate.