Voxilla 2.0 Launches, Eric May Get Some Sleep

It’s been about eight hours since we launched the new Voxilla content site, and nothing has broken yet.

That’s a testament to the tremendous work done by Eric Chamberlain, Voxilla’s Director of Engineering, and his talented team of coders and designers who, for the past 12 weeks, have worked with little sleep (and lots of diet Dr. Pepper) to completely overhaul our editorial presentation. Here’s a partial list of what they accomplished:

* A complete transition of the editorial site from tired PostNuke content management system to the much sleeker and more powerful Joomla CMS;
* A complete migration of tens of thousands of posts from our cranky and quickly aging forum system to vBulletin;
* Migrating thousands of content items from the old system to the new without losing existing link functionality;
* Moving tens of thousands of registered users over to the new system;
* Development of entire new ways of presenting content, and for providing enhanced reader participation and interaction, including full product reviews.

There are still some tweaks left to do (and I’m sure you’ll let us know about them), but that’s for another day. Today, we celebrate . . . and take a five minute breather.


  1. PhoneBoy says:

    Nice work, guys. It looks great!

  2. prayer says:

    I noticed no changes for quite a while, and then WOW! you’ve been really saving them up for the big time.

    I couldn’t find the FWD phone # that was for cust service though. Did you make it harder to find ?

  3. marcelo says:

    Hi Prayer,

    Long time. I hope all’s well. Thanks for the kind words.

    If we made our FWD number hard to find, it was unintentional. Looking at it, I see that we have to do some work still on our Contact Us page. We’ll get that done soon. In the meantime, dialing 66868 on FWD still reaches us.

  4. lonnie says:

    Pinko Whale Hugger? You must have some serious Admin privileges.

  5. packetvoice says:

    Eric has done a super job!!!.
    I also use Joomla (in a more primitive form).
    Your choice of vBulletin apperas to be good one with many new features for linkbacks, etc.

    I was wondering what Joomla template Eric used for the site and how many Joomla plug-ins (open source and commercial) that you had to use to get this level of functinality?

    – packetvoice

  6. eric says:


    We only use three or four commercial plug-ins for Joomla. Most are open source with some customization. There also a few custom modules we wrote.

    The site template is a custom one we developed.

    As I get free time, I will make our custom modules available to the community.

  7. packetvoice says:

    Thanks, Eric.